Holiday Activities

Photograph of a easter egg hunt in the Fairfield OrchardWelcome to our web page of fun nature activities for you and your family to do during the holidays in the Fairfield Orchard and elsewhere. There are even things to do at home on those wet days!

There are lots of ideas for you, from a minibeast safari to a leaf hunt. How about using our orchard map to do some orienteering and use up some of that surplus energy. Or how about a game of ladybird dominoes at home on a wet day!

Why not make yourself a ‘wildlife picnic’ with some delicious recipes?

Several of these activities are from the website of the Woodland Trust and we thank them for their creative and fun ideas. We hope you enjoy them.

Remember! The Orchard is a natural place. There are nettles, overhanging branches and tree roots. Take care when moving around. Do not damage any of the plants and animals that you may find. Have fun!

Minibeast Safari

The different habitats in the Orchard are home to a wide variety of small creatures – spiders, butterflies and centipedes to name but a few. Here are some tips on how to find and collect them.

Looking for mini-beasts in the Fairfield Orchard
Minibeast Spotter Sheet

We have a small number of bug collecting pots, sweep nets and identification charts which the Fairfield community are welcome to borrow. If you would like to do so, please phone Tony Finn on 01524 36426.

Hunts and trails

Set your own trail and go on a summer scavenger hunt around the Orchard. See how many summer treasures you can find.

Collecting Bag at the website
Summer Scavenger Hunt
Summer Trails in the Fairfield Orchard
Texture Trail at the website

Leaves and Trees

Many of our native trees can be found in the Orchard. Download this identification chart to help you identify them.

Leaves Cards at the website

A Leaf Hunt

How many of these trees and leaves can you find?

Leaf Hunt at the website


Use up some of that boundless energy with this activity! Try your hand at some fun map reading with our simple orchard map We have provided a useful recording sheet for you to use when doing this activity.

Fairfield Orchard Map

Around the Orchard are ten location points indicated by red triangles on the map. At each point is a number and small picture.

Here are a few suggestions for you. It will need some advance preparation before you begin.

  1. Provide each ‘competitor’ with the picture grid from the recording sheet. They must then visit each location point and write the number that is next to the picture on their sheet.
  2. On the map mark each red triangle with a letter. Then decide in which order you would like the ‘competitors’ to visit the points e.g B, F, G, A etc. the ‘competitors’ must visit the points in this order collecting the number/animal name from each point. Which animal does not live in the Orchard?
    Using more energy! Try this version if you really want to tire them out. Cut out the letters from the recording sheet. Give them one letter at a time and ask them to find its location and tell you what number/ picture is at that point.
  3. A Leaf Hunt. Use the leaf hunt sheet to identify the nearest tree to the number on the location point.
Orienteering Recording Sheet
Leaf Hunt at the website

Before you start, check that the ‘competitors’ are familiar with the map. Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Holding the map, stand on the path facing the largest tree in the orchard. Can they show you where they are standing?
  2. Which direction is North?
  3. What is immediately to the left, that is not marked on the map?
  4. At either end of the Orchard is a noticeboard. Can they show you these on the map?

If you are happy, then off you go on your hunt!

Take a picnic

Click on the link below to get a picnic pack, including a recipe booklet for delicious recipes like ‘Forest Floor cake’ and ‘Caterpillar Tortilla Rolls’ aswell as an activity pack for your visit:

Picnic Pack at the website

Things to do at home: games to make and play

Click on the link below to go to the Nature Detective’s A-Z list of games, activities and things you can make:

Nature Detectives A-Z list of activities

Some useful websites

Look at these web sites for more activities, information and help with identification.