Curriculum Support

This page is intended to provide you with activity ideas and resources to use prior to and during your visit together with follow up material to use in school. We will be adding to this page over the coming months as new activity ideas are created. If there is something particular that you would like to be included on this page then please let us know. We would like to thank the teachers at our two local schools, Dallas Road CP and Willow Lane Cp for their valuable contributions to the planning of these activities.

Some of the curriculum areas for which the Nature Reserve and Orchard are ideally suited are:

Science and Environment

The mixed habitats of the Nature Reserve and Orchard are ideal for the study of habitats, adaptation, food chains, invertebrates, birds, pollination and seed dispersal.

Art and Design in Nature

The wide variety of trees have many different leaf shapes and produce leaves of many colours and patterns. In autumn, the larger open areas can be utilized for a number of activities. Sketching, creative environmental art, making leaf prints etc.


The sights and sounds in these tranquil surroundings provide inspiration for creative writing, poetry and storywriting.

Geography, Map reading and Orienteering

The Orchard is an enclosed and safe environment in which to do activities. A simple map of the Orchard is available for you to download and use:

  Fairfield Orchard Map

We have deliberately not included all the features of the Orchard. Once downloaded, you can add extra features of your own, or get your group to find them and add them to the map e.g. benches, extra trees. There are ten numbered ‘Orienteering’ posts’ (indicated by red triangles on the map), which can be used in a variety of different ways.

Local Studies and Citizenship

The Orchard was created by and is maintained by the local community. Information on its creation and continuing maintenance can be viewed on this website.


The Association has a quantity of equipment for you to use during your visit – bug collecting pots, sweep nets, binoculars and identification charts.

Downloadable Activity Sheets and WorkSheets

There is a wealth of information and activities to be found on the websites of other organisations – please visit the External Resources page for links to some of these.