Barn owl

Over fauna fields 4.30 pm today. Crows chased it into the orchard and lost sight. However seen again hunting over the ploughed field. Very excited to see one around these parts.

Young foxes

Two young foxes near the canal . Very handsome with their orange coats in the evening sunshine, and not bothered about keeping a low profile. Deer on fauna 6 am this morning, too.

Baby otter attacked by swan

This afternoon near the swan nest towards deep cutting we saw a baby otter. Unfortunately so did a swan, which attacked the otter relentlessly and nearly killed it. The otter was stunned but eventually made it to some cover, where we heard it mewing for several minutes.


A few days ago a sparrowhawk was on the ground near the crop stubble with three eager magpies hanging around. The magpies were waiting to see if they could get a share of whAtever the sparrowhawk was eating. Think it was a rabbit which one wouldn’t necessarily expect.