Aims & Plans

Flora, like Fauna, is inside the Morecambe Bay Nature Improvement Area. Our aim is to improve the reserve, both for people, farm animals and wild flora and fauna. We have so far achieved many of the initial key tasks we set ourselves, namely:

  • Creating a footpath from the existing public footpath to a viewing point near Pony Wood, providing extensive views across to Lancaster Castle and beyond;
  • Creating a crossing point across Lucy Brook, to allow farm animals to move between Fauna and Flora;
  • Installing gateways to allow farm animals to move securely from one part of Flora to another, across the public footpath,
  • Creating new hedgerows and restoring the existing ones to encourage insect life, small mammals and small birds;
  • Creating ponds and scrapes in low-lying areas to encourage wading and water birds, dragonflies and other pond life;
  • Returning the fields to traditional styles of farm management, including creating wide margins sown with wild flowers and with seed-rich mixtures to encourage small hedgerow birds;
  • Sowing spring wheat and leaving the stubble in place after cropping, to help wildlife through the winter;
  • Extending Pony Wood down to the public footpath;
  • Leaving areas of tussocky grass to provide lie-ups for brown hares.

Overall, we are working hard to maintain a judicious balance between the interests of human beings and the local flora and fauna, particularly as these latter are unable to contribute to public consultations and other discussions and therefore need to have their interests safeguarded by us.