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At the end of April we planted 70 wild flower plugs in the wet part of the Hay Meadow. The ragwort Working Party had time this morning to inspect the plugs and we were pleased to find that all but one were thriving. We found a ragged robin in flower. This is one of the plants we put in but from its position and flowering I think this one has arrived independently. This is even better as we have not observed this plant on the Reserves in recent years.



Wildlife whilst ragworting

The joys of ragworting are limited but this morning we did have one or two good wildlife experiences. Two hares were playing a chasing game, (we suspect male and female!), in the School Field. We could hear the birds singing including encouraging ones from the direction of the Flora Field. At ground level we noticed a cowslip which, on investigation, seems to be the first one noted on the Reserves since we started keeping a record. A photo next week. The Hay Meadow is full of yellow rattle, ribwort plantain and clover as well as smaller amounts of good king henry and yarrow. Another step forward on its way to a flower meadow.

Deer, birds and flowers

Three sightings of roe deer today, two very definite ones of a single deer running through Lower Sowerholme and then later in the Flora Field heading into Pony Wood. The third sighting of two deer between Lower Sowerholme and Flora Field rather more certain.

Whilst in the Big Meadow Bog ragworting we put up a couple of snipe.

Two new flowers to report. First water mint in Lower Sowerholme


And finally, now that the haymaking has finished we can report Common Spotted Orchid in the Hay Meadow. About 20 of them in total but we didn’t want to encourage people climbing the gates by announcing them earlier. This photo is from 22nd June.


Butterfly and flowers

I am not good on butterflies but the Bio-Blitz people assure me this is a comma.


The fodder radish has been in flower in the Flora margin all summer but I don’t think I have recorded it. This will be a mainstay for winter birds.


Also in the wildflower margin I noticed our first poppy.



Rather less glamorous is the common fleabane in Big Meadow


Hares and flowers

Two sightings of brown hares this morning in the Grammar School fields. They were some distance apart so I think they were two individuals.

And some flowers:

Water figwort on the edge of the Hay Meadow (17th July)


Branched bur-weed in Upper Sowerholme (this is a first sighting for me) (17th July)


Water cress at the cattle crossing (20th July)


Pineapple weed Pads footpath 20th July


Bear’s breech, probably a garden escapee but a nice specimen in the Orchard 21st July


Silver weed in Flora field 21st July


And so far as I know our only foxglove, a tenacious chap clung to the Aldcliffe Road wall 21st July


More flowers

I am noticing more flowers virtually every day. Sorry to be a bore but just for the record:

Angelica in the Orchard, not to be confused with giant hogweed which has had a bad press recently



Brown napweed by the shed (as well as coming quite nicely in the Hay Meadow)


Purple loosestrife on the Pads footpath


Hoary plantain on the Pads footpath


And the delightfully named stinking iris, also on the Pads footpath. Also know as the roast beef plant as that’s the small if the leaves are crushed.



Moth and flowers

Whilst exploring the Reserve the other day several of us came across this moth in Upper Sowerholme which has now been identified as a male ‘Drinker’ Euthris potatoria. I know nothing about moths so I am not sure whether this is rare or not but it isn’t in our Collins Book of Moths and Butterflies so it can’t be all that common!

IMG_20150710_114038068 IMG_20150710_114033944

And, more prosaically, are a few more flowers

Hedge Bindweed on the Pads footpath 12 July



Meadow Vetchling in the Oak Circle of the Orchard 11th July


Lords and ladies in the Orchard. About to turn red but the almost always fall over when red so this will have to do for the moment.




Lots of new flowers

Lots of new flowers observed today in the Reserve

Euphorbia on Pads footpath


Rosebay Willowherb on the Pads footpath


Black medick near the Lucy Brook path junction


Fool’s water cress in Upper Sowerholme


Perforate St John’s wort in Upper Sowerholme


Common ragwort in Upper Sowerholme


Water plantain in Upper Sowerholme (this not observed before, photo not too good because the plant is in deepish water!)



Bulrush in Upper Sowerholme


Self heal in Upper Sowerholme


Smooth hawkbit in the Hay Meadow


Yarrow in the Hay Meadow



Meadowsweet in the Hay Meadow


Birds foot trefoil under the Aldcliffe Road wall



Nipplewort under the Aldcliffe Road wall