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Wildlife whilst hedging

The Hedge Working Party met yesterday. One of us observed a small flock of field fare in West Field on the way to meet the group. A member of the public reported seeing a stoat on the track near the treble gates and we disturbed a heron in Flora Field as we approached our hedge.

Hare sighting

An excellent close-up of a brown hare in West Field yesterday as Oliver and I carried out the monthly reserve inspection on a lovely sunny morning. We were just stood quietly in the field when it stuck its head up above the grass about 20 metres away. To my untrained eyes, it seemed a big and healthy animal. It looked at us for a bit then casually bounded off a short distance, leaping over the tussocks. Clearly not unduly bothered by our presence. We then spotted it twice more as we continued on through the field.



Whilst working on trimming the west hedge of the West Field this morning a group of volunteers had a really good sighting of a weasel. S/he seemed a bit cross at being disturbed and far from running away darted in and out of the hedge for several minutes.

I am also informed that the horse manure conceals a wealth of wildlife, mainly insects of course but also a newt was observed.


Whilst working on the east hedge of West Field today one of us noticed a shrew which conveniently retreated to a crevice between two stems where we could all take a look.

Lots of geese circling the hill to the west but they didn’t come over us. Not far away though!


Whilst walking on the Long Pads footpath this afternoon we saw a flock of 20 and more birds. They settled in the lone oak tree in the West Field hedge and with the sun on them we had a clear view. On returning home and consulting our bird book we are very confident they were brambling although there were some chaffinch in there as well.