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Baby wrens

On the Lucy Brook edge of the Hay Meadow about 20 metres down from the Cromwell Road gate there is a dense thicket of brambles, dead branches and other vegetation. There were five wren chicks there this afternoon. Much of the time they perched clustered together on one of the branches looking like a big ball of fluff until they opened their beaks or one decided to climb on top of the others. Meanwhile the parents were flitting back and forth a short distance into the marsh to bring back food. A pair of blackbirds have also been entering the depths of the same thicket, beaks loaded with nesting materials. So hopefully some baby blackbirds too … Lots of noise and activity along this ‘hedge’ line at the moment. Although all suddenly went quiet and everything disappeared as the jay flew past along the brook.

Spring is springing

Whilst working with the Hedge Working Party in and around Flora this morning we saw

  • The big brown hare
  • A pair of jays
  • Two heron
  • A woodpecker (sorry we heard rather than saw!) in Pony Wood
  • Ladybirds
  • Peacock butterflies
  • Long tailed tits
  • The white violets on the Pads footpath just to the south of the Orchard

Much better than enduring the rain!


Bird walk

Thanks to everyone who came out for the bird walk on Saturday morning.

We were out for around an hour and 20 minutes or so, and clocked up just over 30 species in a relatively small area. We took in the Orchard, Pony Wood and FAUNA.
The morning’s highlights included little owl, redwing, kestrel, jay and snipe along with other common species.
I’m already looking forward to our next outing!