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Lots of new flowers

Lots of new flowers observed today in the Reserve

Euphorbia on Pads footpath


Rosebay Willowherb on the Pads footpath


Black medick near the Lucy Brook path junction


Fool’s water cress in Upper Sowerholme


Perforate St John’s wort in Upper Sowerholme


Common ragwort in Upper Sowerholme


Water plantain in Upper Sowerholme (this not observed before, photo not too good because the plant is in deepish water!)



Bulrush in Upper Sowerholme


Self heal in Upper Sowerholme


Smooth hawkbit in the Hay Meadow


Yarrow in the Hay Meadow



Meadowsweet in the Hay Meadow


Birds foot trefoil under the Aldcliffe Road wall



Nipplewort under the Aldcliffe Road wall



Flowers and birds

Seen in the last day or two: a  kestrel hunting over Big Meadow (29th May) and a heron landing in Upper Sowerholme (30th May).

Plus some flowers:

White mustard at the Fauna / Orchard crossroads


Solomon’s Seal (by Lucy Brook)



Oil seed rape in the West Field


Salad Burnett in the Orchard


Yellow Flag Iris in the Orchard


Red clover in the Orchard



Wildlife today

Whist working in the Reserves today we have observed three roe deer (this morning in Upper and Lower Sowerholme, this afternoon as brazen as you like in the middle of the Flora Field); a heron stood in the middle of the School Pond; two song thrush in the hedge alongside Lucy Brook; four lapwings calling over the Flora Field; two partridges set up from the Flora Field.


Unfortunately I have not seen the otter family which others have seen on the canal. However whilst working at the Shed the other day a passer by stopped and showed us a video of a female and two young in the canal near Aldcliffe Road. He said he was regularly out early morning and late evening and had seen the otters crossing the Aldcliffe Road toward the Reserve and in the Flora ponds.

This is consistent with a report from one of our active members who was working on the Flora ponds the other evening and noticed a ‘trail’ leading into one of the ponds and mysterious droppings. He suspects otter.


Geese in the reserve

Two independent and reliable reports to me that the geese have at last ventured into the Nature Reserve, one report of geese in the Flora Field and one that they are in the West Field. Hurrah!!!!

The question which occurs to me now is what has been the pattern in the past? Have geese regularly used these fields before, or occasionally, or never?

Can our bird enthusiasts or longer serving observers of the countryside assist?


Whilst walking on the Long Pads footpath this afternoon we saw a flock of 20 and more birds. They settled in the lone oak tree in the West Field hedge and with the sun on them we had a clear view. On returning home and consulting our bird book we are very confident they were brambling although there were some chaffinch in there as well.