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Moth and flowers

Whilst exploring the Reserve the other day several of us came across this moth in Upper Sowerholme which has now been identified as a male ‘Drinker’ Euthris potatoria. I know nothing about moths so I am not sure whether this is rare or not but it isn’t in our Collins Book of Moths and Butterflies so it can’t be all that common!

IMG_20150710_114038068 IMG_20150710_114033944

And, more prosaically, are a few more flowers

Hedge Bindweed on the Pads footpath 12 July



Meadow Vetchling in the Oak Circle of the Orchard 11th July


Lords and ladies in the Orchard. About to turn red but the almost always fall over when red so this will have to do for the moment.




Lots of new flowers

Lots of new flowers observed today in the Reserve

Euphorbia on Pads footpath


Rosebay Willowherb on the Pads footpath


Black medick near the Lucy Brook path junction


Fool’s water cress in Upper Sowerholme


Perforate St John’s wort in Upper Sowerholme


Common ragwort in Upper Sowerholme


Water plantain in Upper Sowerholme (this not observed before, photo not too good because the plant is in deepish water!)



Bulrush in Upper Sowerholme


Self heal in Upper Sowerholme


Smooth hawkbit in the Hay Meadow


Yarrow in the Hay Meadow



Meadowsweet in the Hay Meadow


Birds foot trefoil under the Aldcliffe Road wall



Nipplewort under the Aldcliffe Road wall



More flowers

People may have noticed the patch of flowers coming up in the Orchard between the main path and the Stump circle. We planted these from bee friendly seed left over from the sowing last year in the Flora field. I think that so far they include:





Perennial honesty


Then there is common comfrey coming up again in the Pads hedge



Very late dog walk along the path between the Orchard and Cromwell road, I came upon a barn owl sitting on one of the fence posts.  Not sure if it was confused by my bright head torch but it allowed me to get within 2 feet.  Only flying off when I said “hello owl”.  As it flew up another barn owl flew into my torch beam and both owls made off towards the allotments.

On the way back, two tawny owls were calling to each other in the trees by the farm house. Unfortunately I did not get chance to see them, but was entertained by their noisy calls for a good 5 minutes before I was reminded by my dog that we were supposed to be on a dog walk, and I headed home a happy man.

Teal and ?

At least eight teal on School Pond yesterday morning (27th), then in the afternoon as well as teal scuttling among the rush was a bigger bird, bigger than a mallard I thin, on the water preening itself. Could this be the sheller Jon mentioned? Too dark and murky to make a good identification.

Jay in Sunnyside Lane

Flowers and other wildlife

A fresh range of flowers to report: Plenty of rosebay willowherb about and also the rather less common great willowherb. There are examples of purple loosestrife in both the Orchard and Big Meadow. Also in Big Meadow are specimens of slender speedwell. In Upper Sowerholme and the Orchard there are honeysuckle and wild angelica. Down the Pads footpath are lords and ladies coming to the end of their season.

In the wildflower photo gallery a flower is labelled as Deadly Nightshade. A colleague thinks this is a mistake and it should be Woody Nightshade or Bittersweet. I will correct this when I have time!

We have seen a song thrush on several occasions near the north entrance to the Orchard, yesterday it was bashing a snail on a stone to get at the meaty bit.

The illustrated buttferfly is very common at the moment. I am not good on butterflies, a colleague thinks it may be meadow brown.20140709_100607