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Nest Boxes

Today, we finished emptying out and surveying all the bird boxes in the Reserve.


This photo shows eggs from two boxes. The smaller ones from a blue tit and the larger from a great tit.

Bird Feeding Table


The table had three male reed buntings on yesterday.

Walking round the Reserve further, we spotted 4 greenfinches on the tree behind the Fauna stones. It seems to be where I see the greenfinches most often.


Teal and Curlew


This was one of 15 teal around Alder Pond on the 6th.


This curlew was in the Hay Meadow yesterday, and a couple of magpies seemed interested in what it was catching!

Overflying lapwings


Yesterday morning large numbers of lapwings were flying East over the arable field (seen overhead from the Pony wood path).

Other sightings were a buzzard being mobbed by crows over West Field and a lone curlew flying Northwards over the arable field.

The new bird table had blackbird, robin, blue tit and chaffinch on it, and more chaffinches and reed buntings were feeding nearby.

Fairfield Feeding Station Updates

An excerpt from email from Dan

We erected a LDBWS sign on site a few days back. We should have done this earlier because the birds, having read up on our objectives have finally got the idea and are feeding regularly.

Today there were up to 22 Chaffinches, 12 Linnets, four Reed Buntings, two Dunnocks and a Stock Dove feeding on the ground seed (c 8 metres left of the table as viewed from the double gate) and mid-single figures of Chaffinch, Robin, Great Tit and Blue Tit coming to the seed on the table.

Also in the immediately vicinity the regular male Kestrel, two Mistle Thrushes and three Song Thrushes (two of which were in sub-song).

Ian spied a number of birds feeding yesterday including Goldfinch.

Now that the passerines have got used to the table I took the bold step of moving it two or three metres nearer the double gates. Hope they don’t get spooked!



Bird Feeding Table


The birds have begun to use the feeding table. Not a great photo, but it shows 2 chaffinch and a goldfinch on the table and another goldfinch nearby.

When I went back later there was a great tit and a blue tit there.

The whole Little Wood and extension area now seems to be richer in birdlife!