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Stoat and more


Walking around Fairfield we spotted this stoat which was running backwards and forwards between Little Wood and the boundary hedge between Flora field and Lower Sowerholme.

In the arable field stubble we saw a skylark, at least 2 fieldfare, 2 mistle thrush and a redwing. Then, in the trees near to the allotments there were several greenfinch.

Birds seen yesterday


This male bullfinch was on the orchard path. We have been seeing one male and two females on our feeder for a couple of months now.


One of a small flock (charm) of goldfinch feeding on alder seeds in the Orchard.


A black-headed gull in the Grammar School field, gradually acquiring its black head.


A teal well-concealed in School Pond. Although the School Pond area seems too wet now for the snipe, there were two teal and several moorhen on, or about, it.

Sunny January Walk Round

This afternoon we saw: a flock of about 40 Fieldfare moving between the tops of the trees in Pony Wood to the ones at the edge of West Field; at least one pair of Greenfinch by the Fauna Path near the stones; a Charm of Goldfinch further along ; 4 Mistle Thrush and a Redwing in the GGS field.

Birds Galore


Walking around the Reserve yesterday afternoon we saw ten linnets on the hawthorn tree on the long pads path, then a group of three redwing and three fieldfare a little way beyond Alder pond. Finally on the ash tree opposite School pond were five species of bird:-  redwing (in photo), mistle thrush, great spotted woodpecker, magpie and jackdaw, all enjoying the last rays of the sun.

Finches in Fairfield


Walking around Fairfield this afternoon we saw around 100 linnet, many of which can be seen on this photo of the hawthorn on the Pads path.


Linnets on the left and chaffinches on the right!

Several goldfinches were around in the Orchard.


And two greenfinches were seen between the paddock and the allotments.




Twenty linnets in the oak tree were part of a larger group of about 50 linnets on the Long Pads.


This single linnet was in the hawthorn illuminated by the late sun on Thursday 16th November.

Birdwatching walk

Lots of us turned up for the birdwatching walk with Jon this morning. It was a little windy, but we did see the following: a lapwing in the arable field, 2 little owls (one almost invisible on a post, another in one of the old metal containers next to the field), jackdaws, rooks and crows in the field, and a grey heron. And magpies picking ticks off the cattle in the Fauna fields; I had no idea they did that.

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