Little Owl

Little owl sitting on fence post in Admiralty wood, then flying into oak trees with some sort of prey dangling from its feet.

It has been quite some time since I have seen one here, good to see them back.

2 thoughts on “Little Owl

  1. Nieduszynska

    We think it might be roosting in a stand of trees nearer to the Georgian houses at Aldcliffe. Jon Carter emailed that it was quite easy to spot there and suggests that it is a juvenile – possibly from the pair that nest further along the canal. It is very encouraging especially as it has been seen hunting around the new saplings and being aggressive towards magpies in Pony Wood.

  2. aldcliffebirder

    I am delighted to confirm that there is a pair of little owls with at least one fledged youngster.
    The do not seem to be roosting in Admiralty Wood at all, preferring the hedgerow and nearby fence posts to the north west of the wood. I was quite surprised to see that there was a breeding pair here (after an absence of at least 2 years) as I checked that area on a number of occasions during the spring and there was no sign of a pair on territory then. I don’t think Dan picked them up either during the BBS?

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