Grey Wagtail on Alder Pond



This grey wagtail would normally be seen by fast-flowing rivers, but was on Alder Pond yesterday afternoon.

One thought on “Grey Wagtail on Alder Pond

  1. aldcliffebirder

    There was a grey wagtail (perhaps the same one?) on School Pond on Friday. These wagtails do prefer fast-flowing streams for nesting, but move into lowland wet areas in autumn and winter. The FAUNA reserve is perfect habitat for this species outside the breeding season. There is also a small annual winter roost on the canal near Whitecross.
    An ongoing study into the movements of grey wagtails is being carried out at Heysham / Middleton Nature Reserve involving the colour-ringing of migrant birds. It’s definitely worth checking out the legs of any grey wagtails you see for colour-rings. For more details of this project see the Heysham Bird Observatory blog here:

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