Geese in the reserve

Two independent and reliable reports to me that the geese have at last ventured into the Nature Reserve, one report of geese in the Flora Field and one that they are in the West Field. Hurrah!!!!

The question which occurs to me now is what has been the pattern in the past? Have geese regularly used these fields before, or occasionally, or never?

Can our bird enthusiasts or longer serving observers of the countryside assist?

3 thoughts on “Geese in the reserve

  1. Drip Post author

    Regarding the geese in West Field we have now had reports from local residents who overlook the field about past sightings. A resident of three years reports no sightings of geese in the Field in that time whilst a much longer record, around 20 years, reports only very occasional sightings of small numbers. Nothing like the several hundred seen last week – but it seems, on only one occasion so far.

    And a couple of reminders:
    * Please report wildlife sightings either directly to the blog or to someone in the FA who can pass on the information.
    * The FA calendar has become established and we need photos taken throughout the year of our land and its activities – including geese!

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