Tree Bumblebees

Hi everyone 🙂

I was wondering if anyone has seen any Tree Bumblebees (Bombus hypnorum) on the reserve? They’re pretty easy to identify, big black bumblebees with a blob of orange fluff on their backs and white bums!

If anyone has, or does see one, could you please give me a shout on here 🙂 I’m hoping to study them for my dissertation and desperately need to locate a nest in/around Lancaster.

Thanks 🙂10-03-bombus-hypnorum-annel

2 thoughts on “Tree Bumblebees

  1. Drip

    Well I don’t know anything about Tree Bumblebees but whilst in our garden yesterday I did see one that looked just as you describe. I stress this was a one off siting and I have no idea whether it will come back. But you are welcome to come and inspect. Contact me on Please give your name and what this is all about!

  2. Julia


    Saw a fair few bumblebees on our cherry tree on Friday (before the wind blew all the blossom off!). Saw another on some bluebells in the garden this pm, which looks like the ones you’re looking for:

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