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Volunteering session Saturday 11th January 2020

Here is Jonathan’s email

Hello All,

And a very Happy New Year to you!
I trust this message finds you suitably refreshed and invigorated because
there will be a volunteer session in Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora
this Saturday morning, January 11th, between 10.00am and 1.00pm.

On the agenda for this occasion:

Tidying in the Orchard. This will include cutting back self-seeding and
rooting suckers and pruning the brambles, especially in the Old Damson
The Orchard is quite heavily planted and this includes patches of nettle,
bramble and other understorey scrub. But to protect our fine standard
trees, such as the two lovely oaks, we need to keep the scrub in its place
and proportion.

Digging out, transporting and planting ferns from Upper Sowerholme to Pony

Weeding the 2018 and 2019 hedge saplings alongside the Pony Wood path.

Finally, let’s turn our thoughts to eating and drinking.
All Fairfield volunteers, in whatever capacity you contribute, are invited
to the annual Volunteers’ Buffet at the Storey on Thursday 30th January
from 7pm to 9pm. Partners, of course, are very welcome. The cost is £10
per person. Please let either Ian Procter ( or Sue
Nieduszynski ( know if you are coming.

Best wishes,

A good tally

Finally an encouraging flush count! In fact, the highest January total of snipe since the winter of 2014/15. 59 birds flushed including 5 jack snipe. Breakdown was 39 in Big Meadow, 7 in School Pond, 8 in the Hay Meadow, 4 in Upper Sowerholme plus one by the ponds in Flora Field. In addition, the first woodcock of the season was spotted in Upper Sowerholme.

There was a heron in Upper Sowerholme, probably the same one Graham had seen earlier in the Flora ponds and then in Willow Pond (Lower Sowerholme). Likewise the 6 teal seen in Upper Sowerholme and the 4 flying over Big Meadow were probably part of the group of 11 Graham had disturbed on Willow Pond. Also noted were a meadow pipit and a wren in Big Meadow and 4 female pheasants in Flora Field.