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Hedgehog near Alder Pond


Some members of Fairfield Association and North Lancashire Wildlife Group met yesterday evening for a Lichen, Moss and Invertebrate Walk. It was a warm and still evening – perfect for being out and enjoying the wildlife. Although not a lichen, moss or an invertebrate one of the highlights was seeing a hedgehog right next to Alder Pond. It was quite aware of us but was not inclined to rush off so we took a few photos.


Volunteering Saturday 10th June

Here is the call for volunteers

There will be a Fairfield Volunteering session this Saturday morning from 10am to around 1pm,  meeting at the storage building. Jonathan is on his hols so this message will likely miss his humour and sub-editorial skill. In particular, there are further announcements toward the end of the message so please persevere.

Volunteer numbers have been a little disappointing of late so, if you possibly can, please come along. Here are or tasks:
* Trim around part of the edge of each of our scrapes / ponds to increase wildlife access.
* The smaller saplings in Pony Wood and the extension need a little TLC in the form of trimming the immediately surrounding grass.
* Repair / re-instate the hedging post just down the path from the Fauna / Orchard crossroads.
* Trim back overhanging nettles (especially) along the Orchard paths and around the benches.
* Cut out a low hanging branch of a rowan across the path toward the south end of the Orchard.
* Tie back some of the fruit bushes in the soft fruit circle which are overhanging the path.
* Cut off the flowering heads of dock to stop seeding.
* Cut back the self-seeding blackthorn along the Fauna path which are growing too near the path for safety.
* Dig out ragwort growing near the shed.
* Check that the severing of the ivy on the Norway maple near the shed has stemmed the ivy growth.
1. Carr House Farm will be holding an open garden on 1st and 2nd July and the Fairfield Association will be serving refreshments. This will require volunteers to assemble our tents and carry tables on Friday evening the 30th June (meet at 6.45 at the Shed) and take it all down again on the Sunday afternoon from 4pm. If you can help please let Ian know, details below.
2. A late withdrawal means that we have one place left on our scything course on 17th- 18th June. The Association is trying to increase our use of this important skill in environmentally friendly control of intrusive plants such as thistles. So if you are interested contact Ian.
3. We plan to re-start the Ragwort Working Party in mid-June. If you are not on Ian’s circulation list and can help on Wednesday mornings give him a shout.
Ian’s contact details are: or 07811 970 595.
Many thanks



Walking around we saw this whitethroat on a tree on the Long Pads. It was next to a goldfinch.

Not sure whether this is a common or lesser whitethroat.

Also seen was this brown hare ….DSCN5300

On Springwatch they seem to need drones and thermal cameras to see hares, but we see them daily in Fairfield.

On display this evening

Highlights of a brief walk around the reserve boundaries this evening were:

  • a lapwing enjoying the muddy area in Flora Field that has been created by the leak from the damaged water pipe
  • a hare on the west side of Flora Field about 20 metres from the Long Pads path
  • a cluster of starlings in the old alder tree in Big Meadow
  • a goldfinch singing in a tree by the footpath bend near School Pond