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Little Owl seen this Afternoon


This little owl was sitting on the posts by the side of the wood extension and gradually working its way up, with little forays to catch prey.

It is just visible in the centre of this context photograph.


It would be exciting if we had finally attracted little owls to Pony wood (where it flew off to), as they used to be a common sight in Admiralty wood until about 3 years ago. We do have owl boxes in Pony wood.

Volunteering session Wednesday evening 31st May

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

Three items for your attention, if you please.

First, there’ll be an evening volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard,
Fauna and Flora this Wednesday, May 31st, beginning at 6.30pm and
finishing in due course.
On this occasion the leader will be Mick Short. If you can’t quite make
6.30pm, please come along whenever you’re able.

* Checking the Pony Wood and extension ‘saplings’ to identify any which
are dead. Mark with a piece of hazard tape and if possible note the
species on the tape (with indelible pen) and keep a note on paper for a
* On the way trim back any overhang along the Pads footpath .
* Bring back to the shed the stock of half fencing posts lent against the
fence at Little Wood. Sharpen them for future use as hedging stakes or
defending ourselves from vampires and so on.
* A hedging post just down the footpath from the Fauna / Orchard
crossroads has broken off and needs replacing or reinstatement.
* Cut back selected areas around the ponds and scrapes to allow wildlife

Second, we’ll shortly be asking for volunteers to set up and dismantle
equipment at the Carr House Farm Open Garden, Saturday and Sunday, 1st and
2nd July. Please keep the dates in your diary.

And third, the Ragwort Working Party will be resuming mid-June so watch
out for an imminent call for volunteers.

Best wishes,

Thrush and Hare


On Tuesday evening we saw this mistle thrush next to Pony Wood, (seen from the Long Pads) and two brown hare and a grey partridge, near the beetle banks, (seen from the canal). Lapwing were active! dscn5230

Birding around Fairfield this Afternoon


This photo was not taken in Fairfield but along the canal near to Fairfield. The location is the stump of (I think) an ash tree, which has a crack where blue tits are bringing up their second brood. I watched this male great spotted woodpecker trying to get at the nestlings or eggs and heard the alarm call of the blue tit. Then, suddenly, the blue tit butted the much bigger bird off and it fell about ten feet. The woodpecker starting climbing back up the front, but soon gave up.


On the arable field the lapwings were giving some poor pheasants grief by dive-bombing them.


On the Fauna path stood this male reed bunting, and I managed to get a photo before a dog disturbed it and it flew into big meadow.

Fairfield Bird Walk

This morning Jon Carter (RSPB) led a party of 16 people around Fairfield.

We saw:-

Wren, robin, dunnock, blackbird, song thrush (2), starling, swift, swallows, blue tit, great tit (in box Orchard 8), house sparrow, greater spotted woodpecker, goldfinch (2), chaffinch (heard) , lesser whitethroat (heard), common whitethroat, common (grey) partridge (2 see below), reed buntings (2 males, see below), lapwings (>2), jay, magpies, jackdaws, raven, crows, wood pigeon, stock doves (2), mallards, herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls, chiffchaff (heard).

Many thanks to Jon and next walk due in Autumn!


Two common partridges look like stones!


One of two male reed outings seen in Big Meadow.