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Volunteer session Saturday 12th July

Here is Jonathan’s message to the Orchardeers

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora
this Saturday morning, July 12th, commencing fragrant and delightful at
10.00am and finishing less so at 1.00pm.

Please come along if you possibly can, for as long as you are able.
Tasks for Saturday include:

1. Mow and strim the grass.
2. Continue clearing the nettles and long grass from around the fruit
3. Trim the grass around the base of the new saplings in Pony Wood and
the extension. And on the way, cut back any overhanging brambles on the
Pads path.
4. Cut back the nettles and brambles along side the Fauna path.
5. Re-instate the repaired boundary stone.
6. Repair the fence near the cattle crossing of Lucy Brook.

In ragwort news, the Ragwort Working Party will continue work next week
hopefully finishing off in the Big Meadow marshland. All welcome to
enjoy the summer in this unique way! Do dress appropriately with
wellingtons, long sleeves and long trousers. Ragfork and black bags will
be provided. You may wish to bring your own gloves but we do have them
available. The sessions will be:
MONDAY 14th July morning and evening
TUESDAY 15th July morning and evening
WEDNESDAY 16th July morning
Morning sessions start at 9.30, evening at 6.30 but come a little later
if more convenient.
Meet at the Shed.

And finally, on Friday 18th July Richard Storton will be leading a
group trying once again to repair the leak in the bund (small dam)
forming Anna’s Pool. We need people to barrow material across the field.
Time and meeting place are not yet fixed but if you can help, please
let Ian know on or 07811 970595 and he
will give you the details when known.

And that’s your lot for this time,

Best wishes,



Resumed work ragworting today and noticed a few more flowers. Nice to see yarrow and hawkbit growing in the Hay Meadow. Around the edge of the Meadow there is lots of meadowsweet with perforate St John’s wort and bulrush in the wetter areas. Left some nice examples of spear thistles in Upper Sowerholme although we don’t want them in the meadows. I don’t think I reported an example of meadow vetchling seen in the Orchard a little while ago.