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Hare News

A leveret was spotted on Wednesday during the ploughing. Mick and Richard ( Storton) shooed it away from the plough. According to Richard that is not a problem and the mother will still come back and find it.They do leave their young in the grass apparently.
This is really good news – to have breeding hares and grey partridge already on our land.

Please post any sightings especially of the young one.

Hares in West Field

Early morning walk with Jon Carter (hoping he will record the bird sightings) April 9th . Saw 2 hares in West field by the new earth works. 3rd sighting but probably one of the same ones (distinctive ear markings?) haring up the hill beyond.

Orchard flower

I have been trying to find a ‘wildflower’ in my books for a couple of weeks – the specimen is in the Orchard, under the lime tree near the Stump Circle. By coincidence we visited Holehird Gardens just outside Windermere yesterday and there it was – it is a variety of Dicentra although I am not sure which and is very different to the ‘bleeding heart’ in our garden. I suppose it may be just a garden ‘escapee’ but does anyone know anything more about it?20140415_123523

Volunteering 12th April

Here is Jonathan’s reminder

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora this Saturday, April 12th, starting at 10.00am and finishing at 1.00pm.
We’ll meet at the storage building on the path to Sunnyside Lane. If you’re new and a little late to the party then just seek out Ian Procter, who will be the dapper gentleman with a smooth manner and a high visibility tabard.

There’s a whole heap of stuff we need to be getting on with, so please do come along and do your bit even if you can’t manage the full session.

You may find yourself…

* Mowing the grass
* Staking the larger saplings in Pony Wood and the extension
* Moving the boundary stone in the Woodland Extension to Henry Hick’s garage for repair.
* Cutting back the bramble enveloping saplings alongside the Fauna path
* Repairing the hazel fence near Anna’s Pool
* Moving rubbish from Pony Wood to the treble gate area
* Moving logs in Pony Wood to the viewing area / fire pan circle
* Flattening ruts left by contractors especially in Big Meadow
* Retrieving plastic spirals and canes from flourishing saplings along the Pads footpath. These will be stored for future re-use
* Removing self seeding sycamores from the Storage Building roof

Meanwhile, this just in over at the Easter Monday desk:
We need volunteers to help erect and dismantle tables and tents on Easter Monday (April 21st) for the Easter Egg Hunt. Tables and tents will be going up from 12 noon and coming back down again with accompanying tidying from 4pm.
Again, the meeting point will be the Storage Building.

And that’s your lot for now.
I’ve spoken with my people in Weather and have booked what they describe as “Premium Conditions throughout the Saturday 10am – 1pm Opportunity Window,” (ie. it’s going to be nice and sunny) so please do come along if you possibly can.

Best wishes,

More March hares again

I delayed reading Graham’s monthly report until just before the FOG meeting, so failed to notice that he had also seen two hares the day before his email! One was in the arable field and the other in Gleesons. This makes eight sightings in March, of at least two individuals, in roughly the same area of the Fauna/Flora boundary backing the Aldcliffe Road gardens. Over the last twelve months, I reckon there have been 30 sightings reported in the reserve.