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Hedge Working party continues into March

To all Orchardeers
The Hedge Working Party will continue meeting for some time during March. In particular, we will meet on Saturday 1st March from 9am, meeting at the Storage Building. This extra session should be enough to finish the West Hedge which has been our priority. However, there are still things to do, such as removing the fallen elder in the Orchard, so we will meet on March Wednesdays until the group decide that we have done enough for the time being.
It is also worth mentioning that the March Volunteering Saturday on March 8th will have as its main task planting saplings in Pony Wood. This is a big part of our Flora project and we hope for a good turnout.
Many thanks
ian procter (deputising for a busy Jonathan and not so good at message formulation)


There was a stonechat by School Pond late yesterday afternoon, the first one I’ve seen this year. Spring must be on its way! For those unfamiliar with the species, here’s a pic I took of one locally last last year.



Two (at least) curlews were circling this morning over the Flora west field: with luck they were eying up the new pond and scrape in the middle. Even the sound of chainsaws from the hedge working party didn’t send them away for long. Maybe they landed for a closer look this afternoon once peace and quiet were restored?

February Flush Count

The Fauna marshes are wetter than ever, with lots of standing water. Don’t know what snipe feel about this, but this morning’s tally overall was slightly lower than last month. We counted 41 plus one possible jack snipe in School Pond, 28 in Big Meadow, and 2 in the Hay Meadow.  In the south west corner of Big Meadow was a flock of about 30 birds on the ground. Unfortunately slightly too far away to distinguish, even with binoculars, whether they were redwings or fieldfares (or perhaps both). My wellies almost disappeared in School Pond. They have now joined the boots still drying in the kitchen after Saturday’s hedge working party. It will be good to get some respite from all this mud!