Monthly Archives: March 2013


The birds were active around 8am this morning in the top corner of the Hay Meadow by the Cromwell Road gate. They seemed to be taking advantage of the mud created by the cows’ hooves. Some of the cows were just sitting down at the edge of the marsh. Pied wagtail (at least two), blackbird, chaffinch and robin were darting around.  More unusual, there were also a couple of redwings. The eye stripe and the red patch on the body beneath the wing were very clear.


Kestrel hovering and swooping over Fauna this morning. Also a small flock of small birds in Fauna. They looked at a distance like sparrows but I don’t associate sparrows with ground feeding in fields and flocking. Can anyone enlighten?

A Soggy Saunter

Took a stroll through FAUNA this morning on my way to B&Q (Oh! The glamour) and despite the persistent drizzle I saw and/or heard the following:

  1. Teal
  2. Mallard
  3. Pheasant
  4. Moorhen
  5. Lapwing
  6. Snipe
  7. Curlew
  8. Black-headed gull
  9. Lesser black-backed gull
  10. Herring gull
  11. Woodpigeon
  12. Collared dove
  13. Meadow pipit
  14. Pied wagtail
  15. Grey wagtail
  16. Wren
  17. Dunnock
  18. Robin
  19. Blackbird
  20. Song thrush
  21. Mistle thrush
  22. Blue tit
  23. Great tit
  24. Nuthatch
  25. Jay
  26. Magpie
  27. Jackdaw
  28. Carrion crow
  29. Starling
  30. House sparrow
  31. Chaffinch
  32. Greenfinch
  33. Goldfinch

Given that the weather was horrible and that it’s mid-March (not the most productive of birding months) that’s not a bad tally for a casual and brisk walk through the area. On the plus side I didn’t see any off-lead dogs along the path, which was possibly a first.