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Wheatear in Flora Field

We saw one possibly two wheatear today – they usually drop by after the field has been ploughed , en route to the Greenland probably. Also a mistle thrush. Over our garden , so should be over the reserve too, our first sighting of swifts.

We haven’t seen roe deer in the reserve recently but one was outside my kitchen window yesterday early morning, on it’s way to nibble the leaves off the roses.


This morning around 7.30 whilst walking the dog in the orchard I heard an unusual squawking and looked up to see a parakeet flying by. It came from Edenbreck direction and flew quite directly in the direction of the canal

A spring arrival

In the last few days we have seen (and heard) a chiff-chaff in The Orchard.

Also  a blue tit using O14 nest box, song thrush in Big Meadow and The Paddock, a sparrow-hawk in Pony Wood then hunting along by the willows in The Hay Meadow, long-tailed tits and the usual finches.  Plus a tortoise-shell butterfly in the Flora Field margin

Snipe! and other birds, Flora Field, 20 March 2019

Walking across Flora Field (arable section) this morning during the volunteering session I flushed a large group of snipe (at least 6, probably 8-10) from the lower northern slope, towards Lower Sowerholme, and then a further 2 nearer Pony Wood. They must have been tucking into small creatures in the recently-spread manure. I was headed for the beetle banks and the water supply points, which needed marking with tape to alert the ploughing contractor, so I certainly didn’t cover the whole field. Maybe next season the flush count needs to include Flora Field as well as the wet areas, at least after the muck has been spread?

It was a very misty morning with low cloud and low visibility, but we heard geese passing over – greylag I think- and several curlews in the distance, down towards the estuary.