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Tuesday 2 March

What I thought was a weasel but now know was a stoat (had a black tip to tail) was scurrying and leaping about in the grassy tussocks just up the hill from the bird feeding table.  Dark brown top coat and white undergarments.  Was being carefully watched by a pair of magpie as well as a number of humans.

Half a dozen Reed bunting and a couple of pairs of Chaffinch at the feeder.

Broad-bodied chasers (dragonflies) and Meadow brown butterflies

Saturday 29 June

A bit difficult to see but a couple of broad-bodied chasers at the School Pond – a male – and thought I also saw the golden abdomen of a female dive over the hedge.  Also a male at the Alder Pond which I had a better view of with binoculars.

Also Meadow brown butterflies were out and about in the hay meadow feeding on thistles and fighting with a Painted lady.