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Stoat and comma

Yesterday afternoon from the triple gates we saw a stoat jumping around in the edge of the stubble in Flora Field, before running off along the edge of the wildflower margin on the Pony Wood side. A little further on on the Pads this wonderfully bright Comma was enjoying the sunshine.

More butterflies

Lots of whites flying in the wetter areas of the meadows today, and this Green Veined White was enjoying bramble flowers next to the Fauna path. Also spotted were Meadow Browns, a Gatekeeper preferring bindweed at the south end of the orchard, and Speckled Woods.



Dragonfly paradise in the reserve today with at least three species around Alder Pond, where we watched one pair dipping tails into the water laying eggs continually for ten minutes or so. In the orchard a Common Darter took a rest on a bench long enough to be photographed.

Common Darter

Common Darter