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While walking around the Reserve today we spotted this stonechat in Flora Field. West Field scrape was extensively flooded with the rain we have had and there were many Black-headed, Herring and Lesser Black-backed gulls present. Further round there were a couple of mistle thrush in Big Meadow.

Fairfield Foxes


This poor photo shows one of two foxes at the boundary between Lower and Upper Sowerholme (it was over 300 yards away) yesterday early evening.


At 6.30 this morning both foxes were in our garden which backs onto Upper Sowerholme.


Ploughing and Wildlife


Yesterday the arable field was ploughed and the tractor was followed by numerous Lesser Black-backed and Herring gulls.

Also seen were lapwing (2 initially and 6 at the end of the day).


On the ploughed field we also saw a wheatear, probably on its migration to Greenland or Canada.


Butterflies seen included tortoiseshell, orange-tip and peacock.

I have also been asked to mention that an early morning walker has seen 8 shelduck on recent mornings plus a nuthatch in the Orchard and regular hare sightings.







Bird Activity

Yesterday, we saw our first swallow going north over Fairfield, and today 5 or 6 swallows flew round our house.

In the Orchard we saw a pair of treecreepers,



as well as a pair of tree sparrows putting nesting material into O1 (Orchard 1 box).



This is an important development for Fairfield as this is a target bird that we have been trying to attract to the area.

In West Field we saw further evidence of nesting behaviour on the part of jackdaws.