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On Tuesday I saw a Peacock butterfly on the Fauna footpath, near the Cromwell Road end. It had obviously just emerged and was drying its wings in the sun. Today, Friday, I went to talk to the ploughman while Flora Field was being ploughed (it is scheduled to have the seed, wheat, drilled this evening). On the way back I saw two painted ladies mating on the wildflower strip next to Lower Sowerholme.

Spring has definitely sprung now and I am looking forward to seeing lapwing and oyster catchers displaying over the ploughed field, as they did last year.


Three Brown Hares in Flora Field

Hilary and I were in Flora Field early this afternoon, marking out one of the beetle banks to be left when the field is ploughed. We saw three adult brown hares in a group. So we will have to watch out for leverets when the ploughing takes place in the near future.


Heron and Oystercatcher

Yesterday late afternoon (13 May), when inspecting the 4-metre stretch of wall on Aldcliffe Road, demolished by a drunk driver in the early hours of Sunday morning, I saw an oystercatcher exploring the crop area and a heron next to the scrape.

The demolished wall has been fenced off for now. Repairing it won’t be cheap!