Saw a sparrowhawk in the allotments this morning with a small bird squealing in its talons. It then got chased off over Edenbreck Farm Cottage by a magpie (with squealing prey still firmly gripped in its talons)

Volunteer session Saturday 13th July 2019

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Flora and Fauna on
Saturday, July 13th, starting at 10.00am and finishing at 1.00pm or

On the agenda for this occasion:

To improve the path under the double gates entering Carr House Meadow. We
need to excavate here to allow the gate to close and to clear out nettles
which obstruct the gate. Then we will put down a geotex lining and
back-fill with gravel saved from last winter’s path improvements.

The hedge running alongside the Fauna path needs trimming back.

We need to dig some ragwort out of Big Meadow.

And that’s it.
Best wishes,

Moth Trapping

Over the weekend of June 28th – 30th Justine Patton from Lancaster University set moth traps in Upper Sowerholme and The Orchard. These are the species found:

28/06/2019 – Dusking and light traps ( The Orchard) 


Single dotted wave, Willow beauty, Brimstone, Swallow-tailed, Large yellow underwing, Hedya pruniana, Bactra lancealana, White ermine, Small Fan-footed wave, Agapeta hamana, Riband wave, Silver y, Freyer’s pug, Agonopterix nervosa, Depressaria radiella, Anthophila fabriciana, Common marbled carpet, White plume, Uncertain, Green carpet, Ghost moth, Aphomia sociella, Snout, Flame, Currant pug, Barred yellow, Double Square-spot, Heart and dart, Buff ermine, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Scoparia ambigualis, Celypha lacunana.


29/06/2019 – 125W MV Robinson trap ( Upper Sowerholme)


Straw dot, Willow beauty, Riband wave, Brimstone, Common white wave, Currant pug, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Clouded border, Map-winged swift, Rustic, Dog’s tooth, Double Square-spot, Lychnis, Buff tip, Flame shoulder, Green pug, Dark arches, Buff ermine, Light arches, Gold spot, Setaceous Hebrew character, Epiphyas postvittana, Bright-line brown-eye, Broom moth, Plutella xylostella, Coleophora trifolii, Aphomia sociella, Agriphila latistria, Agriphila tristella, Mompha ochraceella, Bactra lancealana, Celypha lacunana, Eyed hawk moth, Middle-barred minor, Common wainscot, Beautiful golden y, Scoparia ambigualis, Large yellow underwing, Elephant hawk moth, Phycitodes binaevella, Uncertain, Ingrailed clay, Dot moth, Crambus perlella, Notocelia uddmanniana, Common carpet, Single-dotted wave, Flame, Oblique carpet, Purple clay, Smoky wainscot, Light emerald, Agriphila straminella, Limnaecia phragmitella.


Broad-bodied chasers (dragonflies) and Meadow brown butterflies

Saturday 29 June

A bit difficult to see but a couple of broad-bodied chasers at the School Pond – a male – and thought I also saw the golden abdomen of a female dive over the hedge.  Also a male at the Alder Pond which I had a better view of with binoculars.

Also Meadow brown butterflies were out and about in the hay meadow feeding on thistles and fighting with a Painted lady.