Owls & Med gull

The little owls remain in the same area and I have been seeing them almost daily. There were at least 2 fledged young up to a week ago (you can see a couple of my very amateur pics here)

Yesterday (Monday) there was a Mediterranean gull feeding in the arable field alongside commoner gulls and hordes of jackdaws and a few rooks & carrion crows. Today there were in excess of 50 rooks there – surely a record count for this area?



Feeding time

DSC_0592 DSC_0579

With the crop having been harvested, the field by Aldcliffe Road has become an all-you-can-eat buffet for birds. It seemed to be mostly pigeons with some gulls and rooks/crows (?) until a couple of days ago, but now the geese have discovered it. Are they greylag or pink-footed geese, please?

Volunteering session Saturday 12th August 2017

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Flora and Fauna this
Saturday, August 12th, starting at 10.00am and finishing at 1.00pm or

Tasks for this occasion include:

* Repair the Alder Pond bund (if the moorhen chicks have moved on).
* Continue strimming the Fauna path edge.
* Remove bindweed and goose grass from selected sections of the Pads
footpath hedges where the coverage is high on new saplings or newly laid
* Continue the scything work (just where depends on progress by the
scything groups in the meantime).
* Cut back overhanging vegetation along the track down from Sunnyside Lane.

And that’s all for this occasion,

Best wishes