Return of the snipe

Thought we would get soaked again on this morning’s flush count, but it turned out to be bright and sunny. But the wellies earned their keep still. The marshes are now very wet. Not only are the ponds full again after the long dry summer, but there is a lot of standing water elsewhere too. An encouraging number of snipe flew up as we waded around. The tally was 31 in School Pond (including two probable Jack snipe – identified as such on the basis that they didn’t fly up until almost stood upon) and 23 in Big Meadow. Once again these were concentrated around Ash Tree pond, where the marsh vegetation is thinner. We are anticipating that the soft rush will be cut next week. (Watch out for the Softrac machine in action.) It will be interesting to see what effect this has on numbers and locations of snipe.

2 thoughts on “Return of the snipe

  1. Julia says:

    Thanks for all this – it was really cheering to read in the latest Newsletter that the RSPB think “we now host the most significant group of over-wintering snipe in North Lancashire”! Credit indeed to all those involved in creating and maintaining the reserve.

    As an aside – where do you get these wellies? 😉

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